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6 Facts About VoIP

6 Facts About VoIP

These VoIP facts can help you improve your business.

     1. VoIP is 44 years old.

Ever wonder what the timing was for the first VoIP call you made? VoIP is older than you might think. ARPANET was the first internet to make a VoIP call in 1974. The algorithm’s name was “continuous variable steep delta” (CVSD), modulation. A real-time voice recording was sent at 16 kb/s. Lincoln Lab and the Information Sciences Institute. Although this communication was only one-way, in December 1974, VoIP enabled the first two-way communication.

       2. VoIP was used in advertising.

VoIP users used to have to listen to ads before they could make calls. Then, the sector grew, and providers began to use PC equipment. Finally, with the growth of VoIP users, calls became free. As a result, voIP is an innovative and effective channel for advertisers to promote a product.

       3. VoIP is the best choice for quality.

The sound quality of calls made via PSTN lines, which have a frequency range between 300 Hz and 3.400, will not be as clear or precise as VoIP calls. This is because the quality of VoIP calls is affected by the divide between 50Hz and 7kHz. The difference can be felt immediately, such as more precise sound and smoother phone conversations.

       4. You can make or receive calls even if you don’t have a physical phone.

You don’t even need a physical phone to make or receive VoIP calls. A softphone app allows you to make and receive calls from your laptop. It’s straightforward!

       5. VoIP is most famous for its economic benefits.

VoIP has many benefits, but the real reason for its success is the economy. Also, VoIP reduces the cost of international calls while maintaining high quality. It is also more qualified than traditional calls.

       6. Are you willing to pay % for 90 more international calls? Ok, don’t use VoIP.

VoIP reduces international call costs by %90 or less. Imagine that your company is global and your employees need to communicate with customers all over the globe every day. You can cut your costs by choosing a reliable internet service provider. VoIP also offers many benefits that will allow you to expand your business.

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