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How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Small Business

Cloud Computing Can Help Your Small Business

Cloud computing can help your small business, Cloud computing has been a hot topic for multinational companies for many years. Cloud computing is a way to free up the technology resources, software, and hardware they need to run their businesses.

Companies like Amazon and Salesforce have transformed traditional technology solutions into high-value services through the shift towards cloud computing. Fortune 500 companies have moved their resources to the cloud and essentially rented them out from another company that specializes in providing services over the Internet. As a result, these firms have saved a lot of time and money by using the cloud.

Cloud computing has many benefits for large companies, but is it worth the effort for small businesses?

These are just a few ways that small businesses can most effectively use the cloud.

  • Scale when you’re ready: Cloud computing allows non-essential business activities to handle using third-party solutions. Online media companies use Rackspace’s hosting platform or Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) to stream video. Also, Firms can match their supply with demand and save money on infrastructure by using a pay-as-you-go model. Scalability is almost limitless.
  • Competitivity: Service providers can now offer niche-oriented offerings thanks to cloud technology. SuccessFactors, a company that provides HR optimization services, has made it possible for companies to access the power of this technology–which was previously out of reach for smaller businesses–without having to invest in a platform or develop one.
  • Hire experts: It is not a good idea for businesses to create cloud services. Google, for example, offers many cloud services to small businesses. This includes the popular Gmail. Google manages the infrastructure and brands the look and feel. WordPress is an excellent platform for hosting professional websites.
  • Google Analytics gives you real-time views. This free tool provides insight for businesses into what is happening on their websites. Adobe now owns Omniture, which offers social media analytics on steroids. Geckoboard and other services provide a dashboard view that shows all real-time activity in a small business.
  • Manage cash flow: Cloud computing providers provide a subscription model which reduces the amount of money needed to purchase or develop a system. Instead of spending thousands of dollars, you can pay in small chunks. The pay-as-you-go model allows for capital investments and lays aside funds. These systems can be paid for by small businesses using cash flow.

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