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What Is Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

It’s a type of unified communications service UCaaS that brings together all your business communication requirements in one place. For example, cloud PBX allows businesses to move their phone service to the cloud. This makes it seamless and provides high-quality voice service.

Cloud telephony is also known as cloud calling, cloud communications, and cloud phone systems. The following components make up a cloud telephony system:

  • VoIP phone service — for high-quality calls
  • Virtual or cloud phone numbers — available from many countries around the world
  • Softphones — To convert any device into an office phone
  • Outbound calling — To make outgoing calls using specific caller IDs

Cloud telephony can be an excellent option for businesses looking to eliminate poor call quality, latency, and logistical issues such as long-distance fees and service network blockages.

What is its Work of it?

Cloud telephony uses VoIP for calls over the internet. It does not have a physical location. Users can make and receive calls from anywhere and on any device. This allows your business to expand beyond its current geographic boundaries and reach new markets cost-effectively.

What does this mean for your business? Cloud telephony can be integrated into your existing systems. You don’t need to buy new hardware or equipment. You can use a softphone from your tablet or computer instead of a desk phone.

Cloud phone systems are incredibly convenient because you can access the service anywhere via an online control panel. You will have full access to all features and complete control over your phone numbers. You can add or change numbers, users, or add rules.

Example of Cloud Communications in Business

Imagine that you own a business in the US and want to expand to Singapore. You would typically set up a local office here. It could take weeks to prepare:

  • Filling out paperwork and hiring local agents for licensing and legal matters
  • Capital investment in the country
  • Leasing property

You can also buy virtual numbers for Singapore with an outbound calling plan. You can call local businesses and customers with a local caller ID even if you are calling from the US. Also, you can also easily extend your cloud telephony system for Singapore to include the Singapore office if you’re ready to open a local office. You can also operate entirely on digital channels.

Cloud Telephony Service Benefits

What can cloud-based telephony be used for? Cloud telephony can be used for different types of business, including SMBs, startups, and large enterprises. Individuals also have the opportunity to benefit from it.

Here are five reasons your business should have a cloud-telephony service.

  1. Simple and Quick Implementation
  2. Take Your Business to Cloud
  3. Expand globally in a cost-effective way
  4. Advanced Call Management Features Available
  5. Flexibility for your Business
  1. Simple and Quick Implementation

Cloud phone systems are easy to install and use because they don’t require additional hardware. Your cloud telephony provider will handle most of the implementation so your employees can continue to work without interruption.

      2. Take Your Business to Cloud

Cloud-based software and apps such as project management software, HR software, CRMs, CMS, CRMs, and phone services have increased in popularity. These apps and solutions allow us to conduct business anywhere and on any device. This was a massive advantage during the pandemic when most people had to switch to working at home.

If it doesn’t adopt cloud-based business software, your business will be left behind. In addition, cloud-based solutions can be more reliable and safer, making them an attractive option for businesses.

     3. Expand globally in a cost-effective way

Cloud communications allow your small-to-medium-sized business to grow globally. To sell products or provide customer service, you don’t have to be present in the country. Instead, you can buy a local or toll-free number for the country and route calls to your other office. This can be done with other countries or regions in your expansion plan. Flexible and innovative phone solutions allow you to scale your business at your pace.

    4. Advanced Call Management Features Available

The variety of services and features that a cloud communication system offers makes it worth the investment. Different providers provide different parts. It is essential to decide what features you require from your cloud phone system before choosing a provider.

You might need to automate call routing. For example, are you able to record calls? Is it possible to change your caller ID for international calls?

These are the best features and services that you can obtain:

  • Cloud phone numbers (local or toll-free)
  • Forwarding international calls
  • Cloud IVR
  • Advanced call routing (follow sun routing and geo-routing).
  • Outbound calling
  • Contact center solutions in the cloud
  • SIP trunking
  • Call recording
  • Masking is possible by calling

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